I'm a simple yet complex and sometimes high maintenance girl. Some people have described me as an oxymoron. (That's always encouraging) Just place a stamp on my forehead that says "CRAZY LADY who has NO IDEA what she wants". No, don't. I joke a lot and some people take my jokes or sarcasm literally. I'm good to have around in times of crisis or disaster because I can lighten the mood and be your comic relief. (shout out to my dad's side of the family for this) Honestly, its probably some dysfunctional coping mechanism we all use.


---> I was born and raised in the state of IOWA ( you know, Field of Dreams, John Waynes birth place, the Iowa Hawkeyes, the worlds best sweet corn...Uhh. I'm trying to make Iowa seem appealing..probably not working and that's because driving on I-35 ruined that. but we all know Nebraska is worse;) Anyway...three and a half years ago I journeyed way up north to the land of 10,000 lakes  ---> Minnesota. (I don't need to make this appealing to you... but, you can find me at the lake this summer....COME VISIT! ) 


ok, things about me: 1>I love Jesus a lot.. He is my main man. 2> I'm an extreeeeeme extrovert.  but the older I get the more I LOVE my alone time. 3> I drink espresso like its water.. my drink: 4 shots over Ice (lots of ice) and a inch of heavy whipping cream... and a packet of stevia. 4> I'm emotional and cry often...but  5> I laugh more than I cry. 6> I'm a wreck 93% of the time. 7> Tacos, Sushi & BRUNCH are my favs. 8> Lake life is the absolute BEST life. 9> Small talk is boring. tell me about what sets your soul on fire & why you are the way you are. 10> I have a bucket list & try to cross things off as much as possible and 11> I've never tried online dating & probably never will because I've watched too many episodes of criminal minds and law and order. 12. > 2019 has been my FAVORITE year so far. 



  my story (and I'm sure little by little you'll hear about it) It wasn't until I moved here (Minnesota) that I was "established by grace"and that's crazy because, my whole life growing up in the church, I didn't think GRACE was an uncommon thing.. I could show you scriptures, and tell you ALL about, But I never really knew it and didn’t know how it was to be applied. Isn’t that scary? I could preach grace, yet couldn't even live it or give it.​


Three years ago everything was turned upside down and I found myself in a place where I never imagined I'd be. I was broken, hurt, ashamed, and needed grace. (to receive it and to give it) I lost everything I knew (or thought I knew) in the "Christian world"....my church, my church family, and my reputation. There were days I didn't think I was going to survive because the pain and anxiety was so severe. But God was always so present and faithful. In the midst of chaos and confusion, He brought me PEACE and all the right people into my life to display and show HIS LOVE and GRACE. He is all about restoration and turning our ashes into beauty. We never have to stay the same. There is always HOPE. It may not be easy to go through... but if we allow it, our pain and hurt can bring out the greatest blessing. 

  I hope to encourage you through some part of my writing.

My posts will include stuff I've learned & then of course relearned (anyone else a relearner?.. for me its only 4- 6 times a year:) Growth & healing --> mind, body & soul, tough questions/ thoughts.  Gods love, stories of my everyday life & random happenings (it will be good, probably painful & awkward..but worth it) and maybe I'll even add some LIFE HACKS & recipes every now and then. 


okay!! Thats enough rambling...

---> Go over to the CONTACT me area..and lets be friends!!