February 24, 2013

Saying Good-bye and The Fantastic Kitchen

As I'm typing this I'm watching the sunrise over the mountains from my apartment window. Piglets are eating trash below and a man is pushing a wheel barrow full of morning bread. The rooster incessantly crows. In just one short week, the sights and sounds will be so dramatically different.

What we'll miss most are people. And we've been trying to do our last suppers and good-bye conversations with all of our beloveds. Throughout this process I've realized that saying good-bye is THE WORST. We pray that we see each other again, and know that if we don't in this life we'll be rejoicing the same God in Heaven in the next.

(I was supposed to be in this picture. Our waiter tried for a good 20 minutes to take a picture with my camera and couldn't master the technology. So, I opted for this photo for memory sake.)

My husband has been teasing some amazing Missionary Kids about his final wishes including a dinner made by them. They took his request and created the most precious evening at their restaurant they named "The Fantastic Kitchen". Their mother said they did it ALL BY THEMSELVES!

What a nice big sister, playing along while holding the elegant menu.
It was a four-course meal with:
tiny sandwiches (pb and j)
macaroni and cheese with chicken roll-ups
cookie cake and no bake cookies

I will TREASURE that evening. Thank you Riley (Chef) and Ally (Sous Chef). The Fantastic Kitchen, was, indeed fantastic.

February 23, 2013


This Wednesday, we celebrated our 100th day of school.

It was a great excuse for a party and to have some fun with my students! Pinterest was full of great ideas. I tried to re-create this 100th day snack using only what I could find here in PdPaix.

I'm going to go ahead and declare, "I nailed it." Heavy words, I know.

My students made pictures of what they would look like when they are 100 years old complete with sentences of what they would do, say, be at that age.

Some answers included...

"When I am 100 years old... "I will walk with a cane." "I will have two teeth." "I will sleep." And my favorite from Shakira, "I will be ded." Yes, d-e-d, dead. She tells it like it is.

My students made objects and creatures out of a 1, 0, and 0. I love seeing their little brains work.

And, they reported on what they would buy if they had $100.

Florine would buy 3 "pizzus". And, it might just cost that much to get them to the good 'ol land of Port-de-Paix.

I had many typical responses such as a motorcycle, 100 candies, etc., but, Jeff said he would buy:
1 sack diri (rice)
1 gallon lwil (oil)
1 sack farin (flour)
1 sack mayi (corn meal)
Be. Still. My. Soul. Could it get more precious?


We had some pretty amazing visitors this past week. One brought freezer pops for my kids.

The tear-jerker project of the week was a "surprise" shirt Miss Linda, the visitor, made for me with all my students' handprints and names! What a perfect going away gift. My students were so proud of it.

There are only 4 school days left for me. Katie, my replacement will fly in today. I can't believe how FAST time is passing!


February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Party

Today we celebrated Valentine's Day at the orphanage. We had a craft, games, and a lot of fun.


February 13, 2013


When visitors come to Haiti, many of them ask some of the same questions. Up high on the list is:

Why do women carry things on their heads? And, how do they do that?

Thank you to the creator of this card for explaining. Mystery solved.

Spend 20 minutes observing at the market and it doesn't take long to realize that when a mother has her baby in one arm, and a toddler holding the other hand, the head becomes the THIRD arm.

Yesterday I watched a mother selling her goods on top of her head, holding her (presumed) 2 year old son's hand, who had a necklace of seven or so plastic strainers around his neck (for sale). Now that's ingenuity.

Leaving super powers aside- here's to women around the world, developing efficient solutions, and simply calling it "common sense".